Agency for the Integration of Rural Fire Management.

The brand identity for the agency that coordinates - strategically, integrally and crosswise - the implementation of the integrated rural fire management system in Portugal, by all responsible entities.

A symbol of integration, focus, logic and learning, that creates an ecosystem dedicated to everything involved in the management of rural fires: from information to knowledge, prevention to combat, and enhancement of the natural heritage to behavioural change.

The Colours
AGIF’s 4 Natural Elements
Red = Fire / Yellow = Sun / Blue = Water / Green = Forest

Google Effect
A combination of colours that contributes to the brand identity’s memorization, and positions AGIF, namely online, as an entity where you can research everything related to fire.

A symbol that unfolds into a multiplicity of identities, according to the 7 principles of the integrated rural fire management system, and which demonstrates AGIF's comprehensive and inclusive problem-solving capacity. Thus, 7 new icons were developed that are part of the agency's basic guiding action principles.
1. Sustainability / 2. Integrated Management / 3. Specialization and Professionalization / 4. Solidity / 5. Effectiveness and Agility / 6. Accountability and transparency / 7. Knowledge

Concept: Vasco Durão + Pedro Gonçalves
Logo + Design + Art direction: GonçAlves
Animation: HomemBala

GonçAlves 2024
Lisboa, Portugal