A new innovation in piano sound and design

The Bogányi piano is a revolution, and an evolution in piano design. This project has been crafted for over 10 years by world-renowned Hungarian pianist, Gergely Bogányi. We were asked to create the entire brand design, name, tone of voice, style and the logo. Since the Bogányi name brings true classical music heritage to the project, and because sound is the essence, his name is the base we built all of our ideas on. The logo design reflects the flow and elegance of classical music notes, the curvy shape of the new piano design, and elements of Gergely's authentic signature.

Concept + Naming + Copy: Boyd Benkenstein
Logo + Design + Art direction: GonçAlves
2D Animation: HomemBala
3D Animation: Nebula Studios

GonçAlves 2024
Lisboa, Portugal