Launched in 2010, Canal Q is a Portuguese television channel available on larger cable providers in Portugal.

Canal Q describes itself as a channel “under construction, but particularly in deconstruction”. They focus on original programming, much of it host-driven, in the realms of humor, entertainment, and information. Mainstream series and movies complete the programming.

The logo was made to work as a “movie set”, so in-application it represents a stage. All the decisions throughout the design process were made with the goal of having a simple and powerful “real-life” use of the logo. The stage is an open source tool that can be used by the channel’s team to further develop the brand’s identity. The logo was designed in collaboration with Silvio Teixeira and the on-air package was designed in collaboration with Silvio Teixeira, HomemBala, and Moullinex (music).

The project won most of the 2014 top design awards in Portugal:
CCP Design & self-promotion (Gold Award)
M&P Grand Prix Design Award
M&P Self-promotion category (Gold Award)
M&P Rebranding category (Gold Award)
M&P Logo category (Honourable mention)

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Client: Canal Q
Design + Art direction: GonçAlves + Silvio Teixeira
Logo Concept: GonçAlves
Animation: HomemBala
Music: Moullinex

GonçAlves 2024
Lisboa, Portugal