PELA ESTRADA FORA Opening titles

TV series with Ljubomir Stanisic, Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman) and Nuno Faria

The series consists of 6 episodes where the protagonists travel in their van to Colares, Côa, Gardunha, Montemor-o-Novo, Guadiana and Porto Santo, an adventure full of gastronomy, wine and lots of rock n roll.

Partenered with Gil Correia and Homem Bala, it was clear since the biginig that the rock n roll style would be the starting point for our journey. So we designed a logo that represents the road that the protagonists would be travelling and we co-create the design for the opening titles, with the main focus on typography.

Creative Direction: Gil Correia
Production company: HomemBala
Production: Pedro Gonçalves
Director: Nuno Gonçalves
Animation: HomemBala
2D Animation: Nuno Gonçalves and José Vieira
3D Modeling and animation: Nuno Gonçalves
Logo Design + Typography: GonçAlves
Design: Nuno Gonçalves, Nuno Alves, Pedro Gonçalves and Diana Oliveira
GonçAlves 2024
Lisboa, Portugal