Present the Azores cheese, of European certified quality, in Canada, through a visual and verbally impacting campaign, both for outdoor communication and for activation in fairs and workshops.

More than creating a name that overlaps the brands of the various Azorean cheeses, we created a brand / concept that is the motto of the entire campaign.

Creative Insight
There is a universally recognized Anglo-Saxon idiomatic expression that one who takes a photograph uses to encourage the photographed to smile. An expression that tastes like cheese like no other, that we appropriate to create an Azores cheese proprietary brand / concept:
> which gives us a photographic motto to show the wonders of the unique region that produces the Azorean cheeses.
> which will make Canadians smile when we show them the various reasons why they have to know and taste Azores cheese.

Agency: comOn
Production: comOn
Client: Consulai
Executive Creative Director: Nuno Peixoto
Account Management: Tiago Veríssimo
Programmer: Huzaifa Ahmed
Concept + Naming + Copy: Vasco Durão
Logo + Design + Art direction: GonçAlves
Animation: HomemBala

GonçAlves 2024
Lisboa, Portugal